Rescue Task Force – Regional Responders Practice for After an Active Shooter

In Johnson County, emergency responders from around the region are training for an active shooter situation.

The training happened Wednesday at West High School in Iowa City. It takes place after the threat has been neutralized, so that emergency response crews know what to do next.

Experts say in a shooting situation, the first step for law enforcement is to find the shooter and stop them. Then, it’s time to gather the injured and get them help.

That’s what emergency responders like Tina Humston, captain with the Iowa City Fire Department, are practicing.

“We’ve learned a lot about moving down a hallway with a tactical team and how to stay safe, how to stay protected from them,” she says.

“How do we go in and neutralize the threat is predominantly what we focus on with law enforcement agencies throughout the area, and so now we’re bringing in the new components of ‘OK after the shooting has stopped, how do we go in and take responders into a warm zone?’” says Johnson County Homeland Security Emergency Management Director Dave Wilson.

The training covers coordinating the rescue task force, safely navigating hallways and room entry.  Read More…..

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