Advanced SWAT

This is a challenging and intense training course designed to take the SWAT Operator to the next level. The majority of the course is scenario-based, testing operators’ limits both mentally and physically. Emphasis is placed on precision, team work and mastery of firearms skills and tactics. Hostage rescue techniques and elements of Protective Service Detail (PSD) are trained and practiced. Surgical precision under time and physical stress conditions will test the shooter’s skill levels and accuracy.

Advanced SWAT training
Advanced SWAT training

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to TLS-Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Controlling Bleeding
  • Treating Penetrating Chest Trauma
  • Tactical Casualty Movement
  • Mechanical and Shotgun Breaching
  • Tactical Entry
  • Covert Entry and Search
  • Introduction and Organization of a Protective Security Detail (PSD)
  • Concentric Rings of Security
  • Attack Recognition
  • Motorcade Operations and Formations
  • Interior Movement Under Duress
  • Hostage Rescue Overview
  • Emergency Planning
  • Introduction to Explosive Breaching

Gear Required

  • Duty Rifle and pistol. Magazines for both. Minimum 6 for rifle, 3 for pistol.
  • 1000 rounds rifle, 500 rounds pistol
  • Weapon mounted, and hand held lights
  • Load bearing accessories for rifle and pistol (sling, holster, mag carriers attached to LBV, plate carrier with plates, tactical armor vest with armor, or belts)
  • Tactical uniforms and boots. Gloves. Long sleeved shirts required. Balaclava. Outer clothing for the weather
  • Tactical armor, helmet, ballistic goggles or wrap around ballistic eyewear with strap
  • Gas mask with filter
  • Eye and ear protection for range
  • Personal support items as needed. First aid kit (band aids and tape), and other personal items as required.


FRTC’s Basic SWAT Course or agency equivalent

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