Jason King is an amazing instructor and the way he instructed only shows his passion and self-fulfillment in what he does, which resonates in others. Thank you again!

Christopher L Morris, SSgt, USAF, CFACC Enlisted Aide

Great course to assist new & potential team leaders in preparing for their role & responsibilities. I would recommend this course for new team leaders and senior operators.

Melvin Gonzalez

The [High Threat Protective Services Detail] course has been an eye opener. I now have a better perception and understanding of what it takes to be on a Protective Detail vice just thinking it only took good trigger pullers to be on a Protective Detail.

Name Withheld, Special Operations Training Group (SOTG) II MEF

This course (Street Survival), instructors and their knowledge was a welcome sight. I would suggest that anybody who wears a firearm as part of their job and their lives are at risk should attend a class put on by Front Range Training and Consulting.

Kelly P., Casper, WY PD

The best training I have ever attended. Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful Instructors. After attending this Sniper training I would highly recommend this course to anyone intertested in becoming a sniper or just a better rifleman.

Officer B., South Jordan UT PD

Small agencies and individuals that want to enhance not only their safety but that of the public should seek out Front Range Training. For professional, practical training these guys are the real deal.


Sgt Kevin D. ,McCook, NE PD

Excellent Ballistic Shield training. I have gone through a door behind a shield with no training, next time it will be different. Excellent course and excellent instructors.

Officer M., Casper, WY PD

This course (LE Sniper) offers a tremendous value for a law enforcement sniper. I was highly impressed with the quality of instruction, and I would recommend it to anyone tasked to be a SWAT Sniper.

Gar H.,Sniper, Fort Collins CO PD

Great job, nice to see ‘operators’ teach such a well balanced course, with good theory and pratical application. So many instructors teach but can’t do, Front Range Instructors teach and do.

Bill D., DEA

The most challenging course I have ever taken in my line of work. If you want to learn from the best go through a Front Range Training Course. Can’t wait for the next one!

Officer Ryan O., Johnstown CO PD

Absolutely the best tactical handgun course I have ever taken!

Sgt Franklin B., Gallup NM PD

The Front Range basic swat course was presented in a clear and easy to understand manner, was high speed and applicable to real-world situations

Maryville Police dept, J. Scott Spicer

Intense.Motivating.Educating. Razor sharp and some of the best training I have ever been to.

Cody L. Charging Eagle, Cheynne River Sioux Tribal Police

Our department just went through the Street Survival class, last week. The training was one of the best I had taken. The instructors, Kevin and Jim were great. The quality of the instructors and class were outstanding and I would recommend this training to anyone. Front Range Training is ‘Top Notch’ and we will be using them again.

Undersheriff Jim W., Sublette CO, WY, Sheriff’s Office

I want to take just a moment to thank you and all your instructors at FRTC for the training you provided to the deploying 81st BCT, WAARNG. Not only did your people bring an immense amount of knowledge and experience, but a desire to pass that knowledge on to each and every soldier in the course. They brought a belief of saving lives and bringing every soldier back from the battlefield to the training that significantly increased the motivation of both the soldiers and the instructors. FRTC performed at an unprecedented and unparalled level that I have not seen in many years in the military and civilian EMS. I personally believe without a doubt that FRTC has increased the combat effectiveness and life-sustaining abilities of each soldier of the 81st BCT and the unit as a whole. We are honored to have a group of dedicated and passionate instructors from FRTC make us a better combat unit. Thank you again for all that have done for the WAARNG.

SSG Gevin P., Washington Army National Guard

Outstanding class & instructors were very well versed in tactical knowledge

Jeff Weisend

I attended a brief class in Tulsa OK last week. Well three days back on patrol one of our guys got shot in the leg. The training I learned was a big help in saving him. Thank you

Samuel L S. Escambia County Sheriffs Office

Great instruction/knowledgeable instructors – learned a lot!Thank You!

Shannon Tokos

Truly two of the finest instructors, I have met in my 25 years in Law Enforcement!

Robert H. Shiloikis

This was a great week of high speed training. We were able to attend as a full team and this week built a lot of confidence, the trainers were top notch.

Maryville Police dept, Sgt Shaun P. O’Neal

If you’re not training with (Front Range Training) you’re just wasting time.

Carlsbad PD, Ryan Rodrigues

Very knowledgeable group of instructors who are able to convey techniques & tactics based on years of real world tested tactic

Carlsbad PD, Andrew Swanson

Every course attended has been very effective and applicable. I always look forward to Front Range Training sponsored training.

Shiprock PD, Grant Keams

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