Your Instructors

Ken Mickiewicz
Mr. Mickiewicz is a retired Law Enforcement Officer with nearly 40 years of service and over 25 years of supervisory and project/program management experience leading Law Enforcement Officers and overseeing local government law enforcement programs. Mr. Mickiewicz has significant experience leading high energy teams in the law enforcement regular line environment, and in the law enforcement tactical community. During his Law Enforcement career, he worked predominantly by choice in patrol, but experienced all aspects of policing working in administrative, training, investigative and tactical roles. While on the East Coast, he worked as a SWAT Operator in a metropolitan police agency, and served as a SWAT Entry Team Leader and Sniper Team Leader in Colorado. Mr. Mickiewicz has exceptional interpersonal and conflict resolution skills, and is able to interact with individuals from diverse cultures and at all professional levels motivating them to work toward the accomplishment of the organization’s strategic goals and objectives. He has the expertise to teach, train, mentor, motivate and evaluate personnel to achieve the highest quality standards. Ken has shown he is able to lead special projects and provide strategic and tactical insight into every day and critical operations. Ken can manage and prioritize multiple responsibilities to ensure adherence to policies, procedures and methodologies.

Since 2004, he has worked with FRTC as a Lead Instructor. In 2012, he began working full time as the Law Enforcement Program Manager, and in 2013 was promoted to V.P. of Operations for the company. He has held instructor certifications from Smith & Wesson, Glock, Remington, the Practical Shooting Academy, the Koga Institute, Colt, and the NRA, and is an experienced instructor having taught small arms firearms, self-defense, arrest-control, tactical and educational topics for over 20 years. He has Masters in Management degree from Regis University.

Tim Young
Mr. Young has worked as a Law Enforcement Officer for 20 years and is currently employed with a metropolitan police department. Throughout his career he has worked as an Investigator and as a Training Officer. The majority of his time was spent in the Patrol Division. In addition to his primary assignment, Mr. Young is a 12-year veteran of his agency’s SWAT Team, spending the majority of that time as an operator on the entry team. At the present, he is a Sniper / Observer with his team. In 2005, he was instrumental in developing and implementing an Explosive Entry Program, and served as an Operator/Explosive Entry Technician. Mr. Young currently serves as a sniper with his agency’s team. Mr. Young’s training expertise centered around tactics, firearms and personal defense skills. He served as a firearms instructor for SWAT and his department in general, teaching skills in rifle, pistol and shotgun. Mr. Young holds instructor certifications from the FBI, the Practical Shooting Academy, Front Range Training, the Koga Institute, Glock firearms and Heckler & Koch. Besides training firearms skills, he instructs tactics, arrest control and straight baton skills. Tim is also a National Registry certified EMT-B/IV, and has F.S.I. level 2/2 Spanish language skills.

Scott Chambers
Since 2000, Mr. Chambers has been involved in military/law enforcement special operations as both an operator and trainer. He served as a team leader with 1/508 Airborne Brigade Combat Team and with 2d Bn, 75th Ranger Regiment and has led teams in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his service, Mr. Chambers worked for FRTC as a full time tactical instructor and program manager for UXO Global. In 2011, Mr. Chambers spent time in northern Iraq providing high threat diplomatic security in support of the US Dept. of State’s Worldwide Protective Services Program. Upon return to the US, He worked for the Dept. of Defense as an Urban Operations and Tactics subject matter expert (SME) providing firearms and tactics training to deploying US service members. In addition, he also deployed to Iraq to teach for the Dept. of State with their Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) Program. Currently, Mr. Chambers is a high threat protective operations instructor in Moyock, NC for deploying security contractors in support of the Dept. of State’s worldwide missions. He is a Dept. of State vetted and approved instructor for firearms (BFFOC), tactics, and resource skills; a Dept. of Defense instructor for Tactical Movement, Urban Operations, TCCC, and Motorcade Operations; and FRTC Instructor for Firearms, PSD Operations, SWAT, Convoy Operations, and Explosive Entry Technician. He also holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice, is an EMT-B, and an instructor for CPR/AED/First Aid/Wilderness First Aid.

Don Farmer
Mr. Farmer is retired from a metropolitan department as a Sergeant with 21 years of service. Mr. Farmer’s duties included Patrol Sergeant, Narcotics and Vice Commander, Bomb Squad Commander with 15 years of experience in EOD and WMDs. Mr. Farmer was also the Assistant SWAT Commander in charge of the entry element. He has considerable experience in executive protection and worked details for Presidents Ronald Reagan, President George Bush Sr. and President George W. Bush, as well as Vice President Dick Cheney. Mr. Farmer is Wyoming POST certified to instruct explosive breaching, CQB, sub-machine gun, officer survival, defensive tactics (PPCT), narcotics investigation and explosives recognition. Mr. Farmer recently retired from the Wyoming Division of Criminal investigation after twelve years as a drug enforcement agent, and supervisor responsible for a five county area in southeast Wyoming. During those twelve years Mr. Farmer had planned and participated in many high risk drug warrants and fugitive hunts, to include the search and eventual capture of a trained counter sniper. Mr Farmer supervised officer involved shootings, major drug investigations and investigations into organized crime. Mr. Farmer collaborates with Hunts For Heros taking disabled veterans on deer hunts in SE Wyoming, in addition to operating an explosive demolition business.

Troy Osborne
Mr. Osborne has over 20 years of experience in EMS. While working in EMS, he has functioned as a front line paramedic, Field Instructor, Division Chief, Tactical Medic Operator and Tactical Medic Instructor. He has been actively involved with education programs during his time and has instructed at the college level with regards to EMT courses, paramedic courses, advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, pre-hospital trauma life support, anatomy and physiology and tactical combat casualty care courses. Mr. Osborne has also lectured and held tactical medic courses for the Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association conference, Colorado Department of Corrections SRT and regional trauma conferences. Currently Mr. Osborne is a Division Chief with a large EMS agency in northern Colorado that runs an average of 18,000 calls per year. Mr. Osborne has been involved with SWAT and Tactical EMS teams for over 10 years and is currently the Tactical EMS team leader and operator for a metropolitan police department, and sheriff’s department SWAT teams in Northern Colorado.
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