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FRTC’s S.W.A.T. and Tactical Team Leader Development courses have been delivered to numerous local, state, and federal law enforcement officers throughout the country. Our S.W.A.T. school has been used to stand up entire teams in in the western United States, and remains the preferred training company for agencies in those states and others. FRTC also provides a full complement of firearms based training in pistol file and precision rifle systems, in addition to advanced tactical courses for law enforcement patrol officers and deputies.

FRTC was selected by a U.S. security provider to provide High Threat PSD training to 40 new operators deployed to Iraq providing security services in support of their contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Iraq. During a two-week training block the 40 Private Military Contractors (PMCs) were provided training in the use of force, firearms, motorcade operations, and reaction to contact.

FRTC has been a continuous provider of PSD training to the Marine Corps on both coasts. FRTC has trained both the 1st and 2nd Special Operation Training Group, 1st and 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company and the 11th, 13th and 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit/Special Operations Capable (MEU/SOC).

FRTC has conducted numerous Explosive Entry (Breacher) Courses throughout the Western US for both the Department of Defense and Law Enforcement Agencies during the last three years, with the most recent being for the Omaha Police Department in May of 2013, and the Henderson, Kentucky Police Department in August 2014. FRTC has assisted numerous LE Agencies in establishing their Explosive Entry programs, and is considered the preferred sustainment training vehicle for several law enforcement agencies in the Western United States.


FRTC was selected by the U.S. Army to train 35 new EMT-B’s at Fort Richardson, Alaska. All 35 students passed their EMT-B certification. FRTC recently trained 600 members of the Washington National Guard in Combat Lifesaver (CLS) prior to their upcoming deployment to Iraq.


FRTC was sole source selected to provide Active Shooter Response training for the security force at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. FRTC not only provided initial training but also was instrumental in establishing the protocols for Active Shooter Response at Pepperdine University. In addition, FRTC provided Active Shooter Response training to officers of the United States Bureau of Land Management western region in 2014.


FRTC was awarded a long-term contract from the U.S. Army Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG) to provide Embassy Operations and Advanced Force Protection training to AWG personnel scheduled to deploy internationally.

Members of the FRTC staff developed and delivered a U.S. Department of State recognized Local Guard Force (LGF) training program; an 80 hour basic course and a 40 hour firearms which is in use in numerous locations worldwide. Additionally, FRTC developed and delivered the Check Point Security (CPS) course for the Department of State’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance program to the Ministry of the Interior in Baghdad, Iraq in 2013. FRTC returned to Baghdad in March, 2014 to deliver this course for a second time.

FRTC was selected as a sole source to Securitas USA, one of the world’s largest Security providers, as the recipient of a long term contract providing high end weapons and tactical training to operators providing security to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) critical assets throughout the nation.

FTRC was selected by one of the major security providers in Iraq to provide a team of Instructors to deploy to Iraq to train 80 American and South African protective detail (PSD) members protecting the Iraqi Minister of Justice as well as the judges, lawyers, and their families. This team performed flawlessly and was formally recognized by the client’s senior management for their professionalism, knowledge and capabilities.
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