Look to Front Range Training for all of your team training needs. FRTC's SWAT, Patrolling and Tracking, and Tactical Team Leader Development courses are designed to develop individuals into working teams.


Fast moving and practical, our firearms courses will take the operator to the next level of skill and confidence with their pistol or rifle. FRTC's Firearms Instructor Development course will introduce the skilled operator to the concepts and knowledge needed to develop gun handling skills in others..


Designed for those in an Instructor role. Students will run their own ranges and perform several student and Instructor Staff critiqued teach backs. Includes training courses, such as, Shotgun Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor, Law Enforcement Sniper Instructor, Pepper Spray Instructor, Shoothouse Instructor, Straight Baton and Side Handle Baton Instructor


FRTC's medical courses are designed to increase the operational capabilities of the law enforcement officer, EMT or paramedic in the skills necessary to perform self-care, or administer medicine in the tactical environment.


Front Range Training is a premier training company offering high end tactical, medical, leadership, and military training to our nation's Law Enforcement  Officers and Department of Defense members. Our unique philosophy in courseware development and delivery, coupled with our belief that training must be: Meaningful, Effective, and Sustainable fuels our growth and repeat client experience.


Front Range Training & Consulting (FRTC) has considerable experience in physical security having managed security programs in US Diplomatic Mission, and performed mobile and physical security in high risk locations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other locations worldwide. FRTC will provide an effective, affordable, and comprehensive capability to respond to and solve physical security issues.

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When researching top quality firearms and tactical training courses, one of the first questions that needs to be answered is that of experience: How much experience does the training company offer? Front Range Training & Consulting (FRTC) has a decade of experience in  delivering training to our Law Enforcement Officers from coast to coast. We  understand the diverse training needs of police departments and sheriff's offices throughout the country. What’s more, you will receive the full benefit of our gun training and tactical training wherever you are, as we will bring our courses to you. Our Mobile Training Team (MTT) concept  brings our world class training to your location, offering financial and  logistical efficiencies that provide the greatest impact for your training dollar. When we talk about experience, we want to also inform you about the individual experience of our gun, law enforcement and tactical training instructors: FRTC's handpicked staff of operator/instructors average more than 20 years  of current experience in their fields, bringing depth and clarity to your law enforcement training experience.


If you’re looking for top quality DoD training, we have it for you right here. Front Range Training & Consulting (FRTC) has trained thousands of U.S. Department of Defense personnel in a host of courses ranging from the Operator, to Instructor level. Our instructors have recent real-world experience training personnel, and are currently working in an operational capacity around the globe. When we say we have provided extensive tactical training to our defense forces, we mean training that helps improve the capabilities of military personnel who protect U.S. interests throughout the world. FRTC has provided long term training to the Army's Asymmetric Warfare Group (AWG), and the U.S. Marine Corps. In support of the Department of State's Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, FRTC was selected to develop courseware and deliver training on a continuing basis in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Jordan. FRTC has the experience and capacity to develop and deliver training to help you succeed in your missions.