Look to Front Range Training for all of your tactical team training needs. FRTC's SWAT and patrol level tactical courses sharpen personal skills and develop individuals into capable working teams. Tactical Team Leader Development schools the Team Leader in the capabilities needed for team leadership. Our Explosive Entry Technician (EET) Course enhances a tactical team’s effectiveness by providing operators with a vital skill critical to mission success.


FRTC’s firearms courses are dynamic and realistic and will take the operator to the next level of skill and confidence with their pistol or rifle. Our courses elevate marksmanship skills to the level required to fight with the modern pistol or urban rifle. The Firearms Instructor Development Course introduces the skilled operator to the concepts and techniques required to develop gun handling skills in others.


FRTC’s instructor courses are specially designed to augment subject knowledge and skills with specific strategies and methods for teaching adult learners. Students will use the skills learned in the classroom to run their own ranges and perform several student and instructor staff critiqued teach backs. FRTC’s instructor courses include Tactical Pistol Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor, Urban Scout/Sniper Instructor and Shoothouse Instructor.


FRTC's medical courses are aimed at enhancing the operational medical capabilities of the Law Enforcement Officer, EMT or Paramedic. Learn the skills needed for self-care, buddy-care, or humanitarian aid in our Tactical Life-Saver (TLS) course. If you are already a medical professional, our Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) course will give you the skills to deliver medicine in the tactical environment.


FRTC is a Colorado-based company staffed by an instructor cadre with significant Law Enforcement and military tactical experience. What makes FRTC unique among training entities is its adherence to the idea of building long term capability. We teach core competencies that can be continuously enhanced by the officer and developed into proficiency. FRTC has been delivering our products since 2004 and is committed to providing the best training available.

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FRTC has considerable experience in training and managing physical security programs overseas to include providing mobile and physical security in high risk locations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. We have enhanced physical security at U.S. Diplomatic Missions overseas by advising and training local guard forces in several overseas locations. We can offer you the same comprehensive, effective and affordable capability that will allow you to respond to any physical security contingency.